Return To Work Stay Safe

Thank you very much for your interest in exploring the OfficeInteriors Return To Work solutions.

We will contact you to talk more on your needs. Meanwhile you may want to read through these factoids about what to prepare for.

COVID-19 Office Readiness FAQs

Clean & Safe

  1. Is Your Workplace Ready for Work?
  2. What social distancing guidelines should we adhere to?
  3. How do we create cleanable, maintainable barriers and separation?
  4. We have an open seating plan with no assigned seating in our space, should we move to assigned seating with cleanup protocol and disinfectant procedures to be adhered to after use?
  5. What is an appropriate, safe height for barriers between team members at both seated height and standing height and what materials are available that are anti-bacterial, anti-microbial that will be easy to clean and maintain?
  6. What materials should we use to furnish our office?
    • a. Woven vs non-woven
    • b. Vinyl vs fabric
    • c. Laminate vs fabric
  7. How quickly can social distancing solutions be implemented into our workspace?
  8. Should we provide more workstation storage for our team members at their workstation or should we continue with shared storage?
  9. What is a phased approach?
  10. How will I determine timeline and lead times for return to work strategies?
  11. Should we implement protective covers for task chair adjustment levers?
  12. Should we replace chairs with woven seat cushions?
  13. How do we reduce seams, folds, and gaps on our furniture?
  14. Will incorporating open storage as opposed to storage with handles and pulls help reduce touch points?
  15. How can we reduce touch points throughout the office space and mitigate the spread of germs and viruses?
  16. What options are there for taking temperatures daily?
  17. Should we add a drawer at workstations for keyboard and mouse of team members that can be stored away when not in use?
  18. Won’t my dual monitor arms create the “sneeze or cough” barrier needed to avoid spreading the virus?
  19. What concerns should I have about Quarantine, Quiet, Mothers’ or Meditation Rooms?
  20. What plan do we have when an employee is sick and their area and corresponding additional team members?

Space Changes

  1. You have missed your office, your office misses you, are you prepared?
  2. How do we get our people back?
  3. Getting The Office Ready, What Do We Do?
  4. Are we able to reconfigure our existing furniture to accommodate social distancing guidelines?
  5. Is it possible to reconfigure our space so that team members are not facing each other?
  6. Should we limit our conference and meeting space to 10 people or less to adhere to social distancing guidelines?
  7. Do I need a seating chart?
  8. What rooms are available for use?
  9. How do I track if a room is in use?
  10. Who can help me with design?
  11. What is the impact of increasing the size of our workstations?
  12. Where do I learn more about new office furniture products that are becoming available?
  13. How should we address our collaborative areas that are primarily fabric soft seating?
  14. What concerns should we have about amenities such as coffee bars or cafés?
  15. Are there case studies of return to work strategies?

Eligibility & Security

  1. Are you and your team ready to get back to work?
  2. Should we incorporate “way finding” in our space?
  3. How can we incorporate technology into our workspace?
  4. What should the process be for an employee to secure their area at the conclusion of their workday?
  5. What are the employee guidelines for infection prevention?
  6. How do we implement cleaning and sanitation products into our workspace?
  7. What does anti-bacterial mean?
  8. How do we secure areas?
  9. What policies do we need to create/enforce?
  10. What financial concerns for compliance do we need to address?
  11. How do I calculation ROI for the investment needed?
  12. Should we take our employees temperatures daily?
  13. Look for a solution
  14. Hands free solutions
  15. Where do I find technology solutions to help with office readiness?

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