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Our designers, space planners, salespeople, customer service team, installation specialists and project managers are top-notch, overflowing with creative office interior ideas and with decades of experience under their belts. We’re proud to have built a team of experts that can help any business, large or small, create the perfect office space for their people.

Live Long & Prosper
Layout & Design

We offer full design services including workplace strategy, typical development, 3D renderings, space planning, technical specification, fabric and finish selections, installation drawings and field verification.

Project Management

Our experienced and dependable project managers provide you one point of contact to tailor your project to specific budget and schedule needs.

Live Long & Prosper
Live Long & Prosper
Leasing & Financing

We know from experience that budgetary restrictions are a reality, and finding the best financing options for no hassle, cost-effective solutions and great customer service.

Our Approach

COVID-19 Return to Work

Currently we are focusing on the options that may be best for your employees best practice in social/customer and employee distancing to ensure a healthy and prosperous new outlook in your workspace environment.

Product Customization

We will help achieve your vision that also fits with the company’s branding guidelines. Our Artopex partnership allows us to customize everything from colors, finishes, fabrics, furniture design, and more.


For anyone who spends most of their days working at a desk, the design of their workstations is a tremendous contributor to productivity, personal comfort, and overall work satisfaction. Our designers can help you create workstations that maximize productivity and comfort.

Office Seating

An office is not complete until there is seating. With each part of your office having different needs to accommodate, it’s important to choose the right task seating to make up for long hours of sitting, along with conference seating that means business and other options for designated rooms.


Currently we are focusing on the options that may be best for your employees best practice in social/customer and employee distancing to ensure a healthy and prosperous new outlook in your workspace environment.


The conference room is the place to impress your clients and create engagement in meetings. We work with a variety of vendors that provide custom selections in sizes, materials and finishes to match your desired look and feel.


Regardless of your industry, company culture or brand, the design of your office lobby or reception area has a huge impact on the first impression most people have of your business. Partnerships with more than 13 quality office furniture manufactures give us access to impressive, comfortable reception area furnishings that reflect a variety of styles, from modern & contemporary to classic or industrial office furniture designs.

Architectural Walls

Create a quiet private office, meeting room or telephone room. Quickly reconfigure and upgrade walls to adapt to changes in the workforce, and integrate your own new or existing technologies with ease.

and more...

To be able to create work spaces that encourage privacy or interaction between your team is our passion. With so many configurations, sizes, designs and height adjust-ability options, it’s important to find out what your vision is. Whether you are looking to promote open collaboration and creativity using a benching system or if you’re looking for a more private/executive office option to make a personal statement about you and your organization, our team can help you.
More and more offices are implementing healthy and sustainable workplaces. Countless studies have proven that applying ergonomics to your work space is not only good for energy and productivity, but also for overall health. Taking the time to stand at work burns more calories, increase blood circulation, and improves focus. Our portfolio of beautiful, minimalist, ergonomic designs can help you ensure maximum use of space while coinciding with your company’s mission and culture. Monitor Arms, Ergonomic Task Chairs and Sit to stand desks are only the tip of the iceberg. Let us show you how to apply ergonomics into your office space.
COVID-19 has effected everyone in our community and we need to be smart about social and employee distancing as well as how to treat the customer who come to your office space. We can help with your management of all aspects for Return to Work.

Coming soon:

Changing the workspace to provide a safe and functional work environment. See our blog for the latest updates.


When you’re not sure what to do with your current or new office space, we provide a needs analysis to point you in the right direction.

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